Live more sustainably. Giki Zero is your personalised step by step guide to a more sustainable life. Use it on your phone, tablet or computer, just sign up to understand, track and reduce your environmental footprint now!

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Giki stands for Get Informed Know your Impact and was set up for one simple reason. We are facing a climate and environmental emergency and many people want to do the right thing but are not sure what “right” is.

Almost no one wants climate change, endangered wildlife or plastic pollution, but the reality is that it’s a consequence of the lives that many of us lead in the world today. We believe that if everyone can build their own personal plan for what they can do to protect their world, then we can all play a crucial role to preserve the environment on which we all depend.

Giki provides easy to use, evidence-based tools that allow everyone to make the decisions which are right for them, their lifestyle and their budget. We launched Giki Badges, an app that rates supermarket products in 2018 and Giki Zero went live in 2020. It’s a step by step guide to a lighter footprint on the planet which helps people understand, track and reduce their carbon footprint with personalised steps to help you plan out your path to Net-Zero.

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