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Hey Girls is a UK Social Enterprise with one mission – to end period poverty.

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Hey! We’re Hey Girls, and we’re on a mission to eradicate period poverty from the UK. Did you know that 1 in 10 girls and young women in the UK cannot afford period protection? To make matters worse, in light of the ongoing pandemic, it is thought that number as climbed to 1 in 3. That means every month, millions of people across the UK are having to choose between buying food, paying bills, or making sure they have access to safe period protection.

We don’t believe this is a decision anyone in the UK in 2020 should have to make. Our founder & CEO, Celia Hodson, built Hey Girls with her daughters on the belief that access to period products should be a right, not a privilege. So, here we are! Since launching in 2018, we have donated over 10.3 million period products to communities across the country. We work with food banks, community hubs, charities and shelters to get vital product out to those who need it most.

How do we do this? Well, we’re a Social Enterprise, which means we are a business with an edge. Our company is built on a #BuyOneGiveOne model, which means for every box we sell, we donate one as well. We create profit for good, and run our company on trust, honesty and creating equal opportunities for all.

Just because someone is getting a product for free, doesn’t mean it should be any less quality. Everyone deserves an opportunity to look after their bodies and their environment. The Hey Girls range is vegan-friendly, organic and plastic-free, meaning we can offer products that aren’t going to outlive the user. We’re big on sustainability, which is why we also have a reusable range – take your pick from menstrual cups, cloth pads and pants, and enjoy an eco-friendly (and purse-friendly!) period for years to come.

Order online or pick us up in one of our local ASDA, Waitrose, Co-Op or Scot Mid stores!

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