Red Bull Basement 2020

Red Bull Basement 2020

Calling all students! As the summer is almost over, you'll probably start switching your brain to all things you need for the new term. If you see yourself as a student entrepreneur or a tech innovator and want to create positive impact for your campus, and potentially the world, then Red Bull Basement 2020 can help you develop your ideas and bring them to life.

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Red Bull Basement 2020 is an open call for student innovators in all areas of study to innovate, collaborate and improve student life. The program, expanding to more countries than ever in its third year, encourages student entrepreneurs to take a look at all aspects of life on campus and in their communities and imagine creative ways to do things better.

Red Bull Basement aims to tear down one of the great barriers to innovation: passive acceptance of “it’s that way because it’s always been that way.” By taking action now and tapping into Red Bull Basement’s worldwide network of resources and connections, young technology innovators don’t need to wait until graduation to bring about positive social change locally and, quite possibly, in the world at large.

To help the next generation of students develop their ideas, the program provides resources such as mentors, workshops, networking events and more, both online and on participating campuses. All activity leads up to the Red Bull Basement 2020 Global Workshop, where thought leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries from around the world will support students from more than 35 countries to bring their ideas to life.

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