Mocktail Masterclass - How to make a Mock-a-rita

A talk by Mockingbird Spirit

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This is a classic, probably the best-known Tequila cocktail is a Margarita. However, just replace the Tequila with Mockingbird Spirit and these few bits and bobs and you’ve got yourself a mocktail marg, or a Mock-A-Rita as we like to call it.

  1. Salt the rim
  2. ½ part lime juice
  3. ½ part AF triple sec
  4. Plenty of ice
  5. 1 part Mockingbird Spirit

Shake it like a polaroid picture and serve. Careful not to go too thick on the salt.

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Mockingbird Spirit

Mockingbird Spirit is an alcohol-free, Tequila inspired distilled spirit.

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